Horizon Zero Dawn – How to Tame Machine and get Mounts

This guide will help you to tame machine animals and how to get mount to travel from one location to another fast in Horizon Zero Dawn for PS4. Besides the option of a quick trip Horizon Zero Dawn can worry Aloy some machines, so we can more efficiently explore the presented world. Dosiadania mount option is available only in specific plots moment, but from the perspective of the whole game we do not have for a long wait.

How to tame the machine?

The basis in this regard is closer to the machine for a sufficient distance without giving up be noted. Each machine in a different way reacts to your presence, but they are all for you, hostile in principle. If the machine will recognize you from afar, it probably will warn other individuals who either run away, or will attack you.

If you want to use the machine as a horse, it is under no circumstances do not attack it or cram traps. Remember, too, that once it tame, other members of the species may try to destroy it.

To tame the machine, you need to get close to it in such a way that the thing you did not notice, and then press the appropriate button controller (default triangle) and hold it until there will be no full data exchange. If you stop in the middle of a machine it is usually numb and does not move, so you can finish at any time the rest of the process.

When the process is complete, the machine lights change color to blue. From now on you’ll be able to ride the horse, as long as the machine is tame or big-pole. Other creatures will go only to your website and help you in a fight, if you are attacked. Ways to tame some of the horses gain after the completion of the boilers and the capture of information gathered there.

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