Resident Evil 7 – Defeat Marguerite Guide

This guide will show you how to defeat/beat/kill Marguerite in Old House in Resident Evil 7 Biohazard video game. Marguerite is the spouse of Jack Baker, and one of the bosses you’ll have to face in Resident Evil 7 Biohazard video game. The last fight with her occurs in the nursery close to the Old House. She’s hard to execute and exceptionally aggravating.

For this battle, you must get your hands on shotgun ammo (loads of it) and Burner fuel. An explosive or grenade launcher with Fire rounds will help a great deal, and also Enhanced Pistol Ammo. This battle takes quite a while, so prepare. Additionally, reasonable cautioning, this gets truly appalling. Try not to state I didn’t let you know.

As you’re going up the stairs to the nursery, Marguerite will blast through a barricaded window. You can evade her by venturing back rapidly, in any case, on the off chance that she catches you, hit R2 when the game asks you and shoot her.

The greenhouse region itself is isolated into 2 floors. You can openly go between them however you see fit, there’s a great deal of things scattered about. To open the bug-secured cupboards, simply blaze them with the flamethrower. Be that as it may, since Marguerite is currently a horrendous arachnid like animal, she can come at you from any course. She can creep on the walls and even on roof, and assault from below, so better watch your steps.

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