Resident Evil 7 – Find all Collectible Locations Guide

This guide will help you to find all missing collectibles and secrets in Resident Evil 7 aka Biohazard 7 in PC, PS4 and Xbox One versions. The latest survival horror game features total 74 collectible locations including 32 Files, 18 Antique Coins, 20 Mr. Everywheres, 4 Videotapes that can be found from different areas during gameplay.

The all collectibles can be revealed in all difficulties such as easy and normal. Find all collectibles and unlock the following achievements/trophies:

  1. Be Kind, Please Rewind
  2. Pelicans in Your Pocket
  3. The Devil Is in the Details
  4. He’s Here, There, Everywhere!
  5. Nowhere

All of the collectibles are missable. If you progress too far you will be unable to access certain areas. There is no chapter select and you must get everything in one playthrough (with the exception of Mr. Everywheres, those carry over between playthroughs). Antique Coins, Files and Mr. Everywheres do not carry over.

If you die or restart checkpoints you must find all unsaved collectibles again. In the game stats, you can see how many collectibles of each type you have found (it tracks everything except for videotapes). Furthermore, Files have their own overview section and each one is given a specific name for easier tracking. Press Touchpad + L1 to view your files list.

In theory you could get the Files, Mr. Everywheres and Videotapes on Madhouse difficulty, too. You will, however, have to do a minimum of two collectible runs. One for all Antique Coins on easy and one to get all on Madhouse. It’s best to do all other collectibles on easy as well.

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