BIOSTAR Inadvertently Confirms Intel's Z390 Platform

BIOSTAR has inadvertently confirmed the long-sought Intel Z390 platform via a very untimely release of the user manual for its upcoming BIOSTAR Z390 RACING GT3 motherboard, which is based on the new Intel chipset. The information comes as BIOSTAR has apparently decided to cover both their B360 (B360 GT3S) and Z390 motherboards in a single user manual, which naturally spills the beans on the as-of-yet unannounced Z390 platform.

Some tidbits that can be gleaned from the user manual is that the maximum TDP for Intel’s Z390 processor may well be in the 95 W range, as that’s the maximum apparently supported (according to the documentation) by BIOSTAR’s RACING GT5 motherboard. Remember that the Z390 chipset will allow overclocking of Intel’s K-based processors. This motherboard is given some extra attention (and with layout pictures!) in the users’ manual. It’s been a ride made of rumors and leaked, poorly edited roadmaps and rushed chipset releases, but here we are. The time would always have come to us.