Leap Motion Announces North Star – Open-Source VR Headset With 100º FOV

Leap Motion today announced their North Star project, an open-source approach to a VR headset that comes with some very impressive specs. For now, it’s still in the prototype phase; but Leap Motion are pinning high hopes on the overall concept to come to fruition into a competitive market. The 100º degree FOV (Field of View) is already impressive, but alongside it come some more respectable features, such as resolution (1,600 x 1,440 per eye) and an extremely high refresh rate – set at 150 Hz. It wont be easy to power those specifications with current hardware and graphics technology.

But that’s not all, and really couldn’t be – this is Leap Motion we’re talking about. The company’s real move here is to integrate their motion technology with the VR headset, improving current technologies by a margin. Even better: Leap motion says a headset with the above specifications could likely be produced at scale for only $100 (though of course, the big question here is at what scale one would need to go to actually achieve that manufacturing price-point).