NVIDIA MX110, MX130 Product Pages go Live – Rebadged Maxwell Inside

NVIDIA has quietly put up two product pages for two new entry-level GPUs to be paired with laptops – the MX 110 and MX 130. NVIDIA has previously released the Pascal-infused MX150 GPU, which is positioned by the company as an IGP-level upgrade for much faster graphics rendering, while keeping within a comparable power envelope. The 384 CUDA cores on the MX150 ensured acceptable performance in MOBAs; the MX110 and MX130, however, are two lower-level graphics adapters that should bring 38% to 63% percent of an MX150’s performance.

The new graphics adapters aren’t new products at all, and the usage of the Maxwell architecture means these are rebadged NVIDIA 910MX and 930MX graphics cards. Compared to Intel’s UHD620 integrated graphics, NVIDIA says the MX110 will offer ‘up to 1.5x’ better performance, which rises to ‘up to 2.5x’ for the MX130, compared to ‘up to 4.0x’ for the MX150. New customers therefore won’t be wary of buying late-gen products when they acquire portable devices with these graphics chips – though they actually, really, are. These should be seeing the light of day in early 2018.

Sources: MX110 Product Page, MX130 Product Page, via Notebook Check