FIFA 18 PC Crashes, Lag, Won’t Start, Low FPS and Fixes

The FIFA 18 is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The game looks like much optimized but there are some issues are appearing such as Crashes, Won’t Start, Low FPS, Download Stuck, Connectivity Issues and others.

The Journey continues in FIFA 18! Step into the shoes of Alex Hunter once again and continue his meteoric rise to football stardom. Make big career moves, shape his personality, and decide his future as you experience the second chapter of this groundbreaking story mode.

FIFA 18 – Game Downloading Stuck

Some users are reporting that they are stuck in downloading the game like on 22%. To fix this problem, canceled the download, changed the installation-path for Origin-games and restarted the download from the start.

FIFA 18 – Won’t Start or other Launch Issues

Some Windows 10 users are reporting that the game doesn’t start or logo appears. Very first, right click on game, check for updates, make sure you have latest graphic card drivers.

FIFA 18 – Low FPS/Performance

The game demands high system requirements, meet your hardware to the game’s requirements. Try to use Lower/Medium Graphic Settings and also turn ON the Sync.

FIFA 18 – FUT 18 Friendly Seasons Points & Results Broken

It is much known issue and you can fix this issue by restarting the Modem/Router once.

FIFA 18 – Game Lags

If you are facing lags during gameplay, you must meet the minimum requirements of FIFA 18. If problem persists turn ON VSync to fix this issue. It is also recommended to have latest Graphic Card driver.

FIFA 18 – No Preload Download Button

This issue has been fixed now.

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